How To Start Waist Training For Women: A Beginner’s Guide

by Katty Horton


Waist training is one of the best techniques that you can try out when working on your form. Waist training helps you keep your desired shape. It’s more effective than most other kinds of training. Try it out! I’m sure you’ll love the results.


Waist Trainer

It’s important for everyone to look great and feel great. We have the best waist trainers for women to help you achieve this. For some, the results are immediate, and before long, curves are more accentuated, and the bulge is transformed.

Sometimes it’s hard to start waist training! If you don’t have any idea how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. We have a guide prepared for you that will help you achieve your desired results. When done right, waist training will get you that curvy gorgeous body that you can feel amazing in.

Waist Training? What is it?

Waist training for women rose up as a trend through celebrities. Among these are Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, J-Lo, Nicole Polizzi, and Lily James. All these women were found to use certain kinds of workouts to bring our their curves. As they became more popular, so did the curvy waist. With this look becoming a trend, women began to look for how to not only get curves, but to get the waist curves.

But that wasn’t where it all started. Back in the 1500s, waist training was quite common for women. Most often, in fact, when it came to postpartum. These new mothers wanted to get back into their desired shape, or their shape before giving birth. Back in that day, of course, waist training involved cotton tied tightly around the stomach and securing it using bone rods.

Some 300 years later, corsets came into fashion. But not only was it a bold fashion trend. The corsets were used to emphasize the attractiveness of the waist. With corsets, onlookers could admire the beauty of the cinched waist, and everything above it… or below it. Waists are, after all, the center that draws the eye.

How does waist training work?

Waist trainer

A waist trainer is a smart piece of equipment that will help you attain that hourglass shape. It works on your waist, but varies according to your size.

The waist training uses this corset-like equipment. These come in various sizes and shapes. They will help your waist slowly get smaller and smaller, until you are satisfied with your shape. The corset is build with a skeleton that can gently reshape the muscles and ribs in your waist. They will readjust your abdominal area so that it can achieve that small waist you want.

Of course it’s up to you how far you’d want to go! After you waist adjust to the first training, you can get it to go smaller and smaller. Do this just by tightening your trainer. Customers have gone from a double XL down to an S just by using a trainer.

You’ll be surprised at how they look after!

Is waist training really effective?

So now, you might be asking:

Will it work?

The answer is:

It definitely will!

You might not believe me on this, but human bodies are capable or changing their shape. Like other exercise activities such as running or weight-lifting, your body will adjust to you. It will mostly accommodate your physical activities and conditions! That being said, you can think of waist training as simply a different kind of physical activity that works on your body differently.

Now let’s look at some real results:

  • Less belly fat. Women have lost belly fat faster than they normally would. That belly fat is very stubborn, but waist training made it easy.
  • Improved posture. Although it’s not the primary reason women waist train, it is an added bonus. The trainer supports your spine and pulls in your abs. This makes you straighten up and eventually straighten your posture.
  • Getting into shape PostPartum. After going through a pregnancy, some women turn to waist training. The training helps pull in the baby stretches and return to their previous shape, or even slimmer.
  • Gorgeous curvy waists. Some might feel insecure about having a straight waist. Although there is nothing wrong with that, you might want to get some curves in. Waist training is extremely effective at doing this… even more so that you might expect.

How safe is waist training?

 I myself have spent years with a waist trainer now. In fact, I’m still on it! And I can tell you, it’s been a hugely positive experience. I have only rarely encountered problems, and haven’t seen any changes that I didn’t like. The results just kept on coming!

Using waist trainers is definitely safe. Especially with its growing popularity, it’s important that its users not only get their results, but are doing so safely. Trainers come with safety components specifically for this purpose.

But, always take some precautions. Here are some problems you might encounter, and how to avoid them.

  • Skin irritation. If you wear a waist trainer bare, you may sweat into it, causing discomfort to sensitive skin. To avoid this, simply wear something under the trainer! It can be an undershirt or camisole.
  • It’s very important that you don’t tighten the trainer too far! You have to be patient with the trainer. Curvy waists don’t come overnight. The tightest it should be is just a bit tighter than your regular clothes. Once your waist gets accustomed to it, you’ll see the results quickly. Then, you can tighten it again.
  • Body tiredness. You might be overdoing the waist training. Although it is rare if done properly, you might notice some tiredness or negative effects from the waist training. Everyone will have a different response to a trainer, so don’t worry. Regardless, feel free to take a rest from the trainer. It won’t affect the eventual results.

There are many kinds of waist trainers.

There are several different kinds of waist training for women. Choosing which one to use is totally dependent on you and your needs. You know your own body best. The waist trainer will simply help you reach your goals and bring out the beauty you want.

Shaper Curves considers your different wants and needs, and we have the best waist trainers. Here are the several styles that we offer.

The Vest


The Vest is a great option for those who want to pull in some back fat. With this, you can also bring some balance between your abdomen and upper body. The Vest can also be used in different placements to improve your results.

Steel-boned Trainers


These waist trainers use steel bones to enforce the shape. If you’re just starting out with waist training, I recommend you try the 9-bone trainer. Simply choose your regular size (S to 3XL). For those more advanced, you can try the 25-bone alternative. This will give you some extra oomf with that curve.

Workout Waist Belt

 This trainer is a great option if you like to work out. If you wear this during exercise, your gym results will come much faster and better! This particular trainer is of a thinner shape to allow you the freedom to go through your regular workout without hindrance. This way, the belt works with your workout.

And that’s only the start! There are tons more options for waist trainers. There are those with several hook choices, unique styles, models, and corsets. All for you, ladies to choose according to your need and training.

Which waist trainer works best for you?

I wouldn’t say there is the perfect waist trainer. But there is a perfect one for you.

Each waist trainer has been designed differently for different needs and approaches. And Shaper Curves offers the best waist trainers.

Let’s clear up a few things.

There are various ways to waist train. One example is a waist cincher. This is a latex equipment that pulls in your body. These are often used to bring in bulges. But it’s not really considered waist training, since it’s not a semi-permanent solution.

Searching for your perfect waist trainer begins with the structure and make. Something as small as the number of bones can make a huge difference. If the number of bones is beneficial for you, it will give both great results and constant ones.

Another tip is to check the hooks. If they are the wrong amount, they won’t help your body take its new shape. The hooks affect how your waist gets pulled in, so if it’s not right for you, you won’t get those results.

We also offer waist trainers with longer front sides than its back. These are especially made to pull in your waist from the front while still maintaining that curvy behind.

How do you find the right size?

Making sure your trainer fits you well is SO important! It’s what will get your waist smaller. And so you have to learn to determine the correct fit for you.

  You have to keep in mind that training will bring your size and number of hooks. So we seriously advise you to start where you are comfortable.


We also have a guide on where to start based on your current waist size in inches. If you currently are a 28” at the waist, for example, you can start with a size small. Our waist trainers have sizes ranging from S up to  2XXL. This is to ensure that we have your body type covered and can fit you best.

For how long should you wear a trainer?

Although it seems like the logical thing to do, you should NOT use the trainer all day. It’s important to take breaks in between. Constant use can do more harm to the body than good. Instead, be smart about when and how to wear it.

Here are some do’s and don’t’s:

DO introduce the trainer gradually. One way to take care of your body while still achieving results is by allowing the body to grow used to it first. You can start on the first day with just 2 hours of wear. Slowly build that up to 4 hours. Eventually, after around 10 days, you can wear your trainer for as long as 8 to 10 hours.

DON’T sleep with the trainer on. Your body needs a good night’s rest, so let it relax. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that sleeping with the trainer on will get you curves the very next day.

DO be careful with exercise. While you can definitely exercise while wearing the belt-type waist trainers, be careful. Especially with workouts that involve your waist, you may a bit restricted by the trainer. Just practice caution.

DON’T force the trainer on longer. 8 to 10 hours is already the upper limit for wearing a trainer. Don’t worry if the results don’t come right away. Be patient! These are the best trainers made for women who are waist training. The results will come. Your body needs to be taken care of as well.

Here’s how much a waist trainer might be.

There are ways to get your desired results without breaking the bank. If the cost makes you hesitate, just consider how these waist trainers for women can help your body.

The prices of waist trainers can range from $19.98 to hundreds of dollars. These prices vary according to the results that these trainers guarantee, and the style and model of trainer.

But the price isn’t the only thing you should look at.

It’s more important to see how the trainer works. Shaper Curves, for example, has a trainer that pulls in the waist using several steel bones. Some trainers use latex instead. These qualities will contribute to both the cost of the trainer, as well as the results they’ll give you.

It’s not just the bones on a trainer you might have to consider. Sometimes different materials are layered to help excess fat escape as you sweat. Our trainers are able to do this through their triple-layered trainers. It creates a sauna effect that gets that stubborn fat off. You can easily try this trainer for those extra results!

How do you get maximum results?

So, ladies, can you see it? How your dress will fit your curves just perfectly where you want it? Or putting on that bikini you’ve always wanted to try. Imagine the attention you can grab with that newfound confidence. Now you’ll look great, and more importantly, feel great! And it will just keep getting better as the trainer continues working.

Everything else is secondary to how good we feel in our bodies. Waist training for women definitely helps with this. It helps us gain the body we want, and bring out our beauty and confidence. I’ve witnessed customers’ self-esteem go up, their confidence grow, and their lives becoming happier just from looking how they know they want to.

Just remember that waist training isn’t the only way to do this. There are plenty of other ways we can help our bodies transform into how we want them. We can reverse aging, raise our energy levels, but taking good care of your body is the best way to feel good and get good results.

So remember to do consistent exercise. It will help your waist trainer along. It will also help you feel amazing with the positive dopamines and hormones that exercise brings out.

Eating well is also important. But don’t overdo it. Some people claim that waist training allows you to eat a lot of unhealthy food while still maintaining results. This is NOT true.

I don’t advise that you try that. Eating the right nutritious and healthy foods will instead bring out the best results from your waist trainer. This helps maintain your body on the inside the same way your waist training is maintaining your outside.


So now it’s time to ask yourself:

Should you?

Well if you want to start waist training for women so that you can look good and feel great, then why wait any longer?

We’ve assured you that there will hardly be any harm in waist training. All it does is help your body adjust its shape into how you want it.

Shaper Curves has the perfect but simple solution for you in its various waist trainers. We have the best waist trainers for women in store for you to pick and choose from. We will help you figure out how to start your journey in waist training to get you the best results.

I’m here to support you, ladies! Let’s look great and feel great together.

Are you ready start? It’s time to waist train.

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